Stents / DES – Cre8™

Polymer-free Amphilimus™ (Sirolimus + Fatty Acid) eluting coronary stent. The absence of the polymer minimizes the risk of inflammation/thrombosis, while the propriety formulation enhances drug absorption.

Abluminal Reservoir Technology

Controlled and directed drug elution as a result of the Abluminal Reservoir Technology.

Amphilimus™ Formulation

Optimal efficacy achieved through an homogeneous drug distribution and improved bioavailability due to the proprietary Amphilimus™ formulation, which is the combination of Sirolimus and an organic acid.

Bio Inducer Surface

Proven bio and haemo-compatibility enabled by the Bio Inducer Surface coating, which accelerates the rate of endothelization and reduces thrombogenicity

Product Brochure 

* Currently not available in US and Japan.

** The images shown within this pages are of a purely illustrative nature and not intended to depict reality. ​

*** Manufactured by CID S.p.A member of Alvimedica Group.