Hyalo4 Silver Spray


Silver Spray

Hyalo4 silver spray, An easy-to-apply spray that assists in wound healing and protects from microbial contamination.

Hyalo4 Silver Spray

Hyaluronic Acid Sodium Salt 0.25%

Ag (Metallic Silver)

Vitamin E

Powder Spray 

What is Hyalo4 Silver Spray ?

Hyalo4 Silver spray is a suspension spray for topical use containing hyaluronic acid (HA), metallic silver and vitamin E.

Hyaluronic acid and silver are combined in a matrix (kaolin and starch) with absorbent properties. Absorption of the exudate creates an environment that facilitates the natural tissue regenerating process, forming, together with HA and silver, a protective barrier against microbial penetration.

The film-forming action of vitamin E, by assisting the re-epithelialization process, favors restoration of the optimal skin moistening conditions.


Favors the creation of a micro-environment suitable for a rapid spontaneous healing of the lesion.

The spray powder suspension adheres to the lesion site without dispersion, creating a protective barrier against bacteria.

Absorbs exudate.

How does Hyalo4 Silver Spray work?

Hyaluronic Acid

Creates a moist environment for optimal tissue repair based on its high water-binding capacity.

LMW-HA ameliorates the self-defense of the skin.

Supports the renewal of epithelial tissue and blood vessels.

Metallic silver

Incorporated in the matrix created by kaolin and hyaluronic acid, allows the formed barrier to be resistant to microbial agents.

Vitamin E

Thanks to its antioxidant and film-forming action, it supports the moisturizing activity of hyaluronic acid, thereby assisting the skin regeneration process.


Thanks to its marked hydrophilic properties, acts as an adsorbent material which, in the case of exuding wounds, facilitates the formation of a correct degree of skin hydration.

How to use Hyalo4 Silver Spray ? 

Hyalo4 Silver Spray yara bakım yanık tedavıisi dezenfektan

Step 1


Clean the wound using physiological solution.

Step 2


Shake well before use.

Step 3


Hold the bottle upright and make short sprays.

Step 4


Cover the wound with a non-stick medication, such as a non-adherent dressing.

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