Hyalo4 Regen



Hyalo4 regen, Bioactive dressing for lesions with delayed healing

Hyalo4 regen yara bakım yanık tedavıisi dezenfektan
hyalo4 regen yara bakım yanık tedavıisi dezenfektan

Hyaluronic Acid Sodium Salt 2.5%

Heterologous Type I Horse Collagen 

Pad | 5x5cm and 10x10cm for topical use

What is Hyalo4 Regen ?

Creates the ideal conditions for kick-starting wounds with delayed healing.

Hyalo4 Regen is a bioactive dressing consisting of heterologous type I horse collagen and hyaluronic acid, in the form of lyophilized, sterile spongy pads, easily adaptable to the application area, adjuvant in the physiological process of wound healing.


Creates the ideal conditions for treating acute and chronic lesions, especially moderate to highly exuding wounds.

Plays a crucial role in rebuilding tissue architecture after injury.

Easily adaptable to the application area.

Efficacy and safety supported by clinical experience.

How does Hyalo4 Regen work?

A synergic combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen into a dressing pad.

Hyaluronic Acid

Maintains a moist environment, favouring also the ideal conditions for orderly arrangement of collagen.

Generates microenvironment supporting the secretion of growth factors, proliferation and migration of fibroblasts, endothelial cells, keratinocytes and angiogenesis.

Type I horse collagen

Highly pure, not immunogenic.

Supports dermal structure during the repair phase by creating a fibril net.

Favors the anchoring and orientation of fibroblasts and formation of new tissue.

Local hemostatic action.

How to use Hyalo4 Regen ?

Hyalo4 regen yara bakım yanık tedavıisi dezenfektan

Step 1


Clean the wound using physiological solution.

Step 2


After the process of debridement to remove any purulent material and/or necrotic debris, apply the smooth surface of the pad on the wound. In case of low exudate moisturize the pad with saline solution.

Step 3


It is recommended to apply the dressing every 3-4 days or at smaller intervals, according to the wound exudate. To maintain an ideal humid microclimate cover with a more or less absorbent secondary dressing, depending on the level of exudate, and apply a bandage.

Step 4


The pad can be removed by irrigating the wound with physiological solution. Any residues do not need removing, since the product gellifies with exudate and it is perfectly biocompatible.