Advanced Wound Care

Hyaluronic acid and exploiting synergies with regenerative medicine, Hyalo4 products are at forefront in the development of innovative solutions that allow physicians to customize the best science-based treatments for patients affected by acute and chronic wounds.

From T.I.M.E. to TIMER

Over the past several decades, T.I.M.E. has been adopted as the International Guideline for ulcer treatment. The need to challenge and innovate encouraged Fidia Farmaceutici to move forward to the REGENERATIVE ASPECT OF WOUND HEALING and propose a novel hyaluronic acid-based bioactive line, thereby adding a final R to T.I.M.E., to address the tissue repair/regeneration.

Bioactive Line

Thanks to their unique properties and involved technology, these HA-based products help manage each stage of the lesion healing effectively and act as ‘healing starters’, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of treatment.

Hyalo4 Start

(Hyaluronic Acid 0,2% and Collagenase)

– Indicated in the local management of chronic ulcers (i.e. pressure sores, vascular ulcers of the legs, diabetic ulcers).

– A synergic combination for promotion of healing and wound bed preparation.

Hyalo4 Plus

(Hyaluronic Acid 0,2% and Silver Sulfadiazine 1%)

– Indicated for local management of acute and chronic wounds at high risk of infection or to help prevention of recurrence of infection.

– A synergic combination for promotion of healing and prevention of infection

Hyalo4 Silver Spray

(Hyaluronic Acid 0,25%, Metallic Silver and Vitamin E)

– Indicated for Treatment of non infected skin lesions (e.g. abrasions, grazes, cracked skin, cuts, small surgical wounds, localized first and second degree burns), in diabetic foot, athlete’s foot and pressure sores.

– An easy-to-apply spray that assists in wound healing and protects from microbial contamination.

Hyalo4 Regen

(Hyaluronic Acid 2,5% , Type I Horse Collagen 97,5%)

– Acute and chronic lesions, from moderately to highly exuding wounds. Local haemostat to be used in general surgical procedures, such as vascular reconstructive surgery, vascular surgery, carotid surgery, abdominal and gynaecological surgery, orthopaedic and trauma surgery, dentistry and in first aid to control capillary bleeding.

– Bioactive dressing pad for lesions with delayed healing.

Hyalo4 Skin

(Hyaluronic Acid 0,2%)

– Indicated for the management of cutaneous irritations and lesions. In particular, it is intended to cover acute and chronic wounds (abrasions, donor sites and post-operative incisions, first-and second-degree burns, vascular and metabolic ulcers and pressure sores) and to provide a moist wound environment, thus protecting against abrasion, friction and desiccation.

– It provides hydrated space around and between cells, thus facilitating the migration of cells and favoring wound re-epithelialization.

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