Epicure is a therapy system that is widely used in wound care and treatment. Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT), whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven,  is used to contribute to a rapid healing time in all types of wounds such as acute, chronic, cavity wounds, traumas, diabetic wounds, pressure ulcers (bed sores), arterial and venous ulcers, surgical incisions, grafts and flaps, abdominal wounds, partial and full-thickness tissue losses in the skin, and so on.

Epicure enables absorption and transmission of excess exudate in the wound while dressing sets produced in accordance with its design protect the wound bed against infection. The NPWT Device performs fluid management by collecting wound discharge into the collection container with negative pressure. The Epicure NPWT system shortens the treatment process by positively supporting many factors involved in wound healing thanks to the optimal dressing conditions it creates for the wound and the negative pressure conditions it exerts.

The EpiCURE Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System helps reduce the frequency of dressing. It provides an uninterrupted treatment opportunity, while the healing process offers the best option in stiff wounds.


  • Diabetic ulcer (Diabetic Foot).
  • In arterial/venous ulcers.
  • In post-operative incisions.
  • In grafts and flaps.
  • In abdominal wounds.
  • 2nd and 3rd degree burns.
  • It is indicated for use in partial or full thickness tissue loss to support the rapid and effective healing process.

Product Modes

Negatif Basınçlı Yara Terapisi

Continuous Vacuum Therapy

Continuous vacuum therapy is a therapy method that supports healing by applying a constant value of vacuum to the wound dressing during the therapy period.

The device is set to the vacuum values prescribed by the physician and keeps the wound dressing at the specified negative pressure value until the therapy ends.

Intermittent Vacuum Therapy

Intermittent vacuum therapy is a therapy method that applies negative pressure to the wound dressing at specified time intervals.
First of all, the device is operated by entering the vacuum value, vacuum application time and stand by time determined for the therapy. The device allows the vacuum application and stand by cycle to be repeated according to the specified time until the therapy is done.

Negatif Basınçlı Yara Terapisi

Dual Vacuum Therapy

Dual vacuum therapy is a method of applying vacuum to wound dressing at two different values.

The device is operated by entering the high and low vacuum values and application times to be applied before the therapy is initiated. The device allows the high vacuum – low vacuum cycle to be repeated within specified times until the therapy is done.