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- ჭრილობის მოწინავე მოვლა და დამწვრობის მკურნალობა

From T.I.M.E. to TIMER

Over the past several decades, T.I.M.E. has been adopted as the International Guideline for ulcer treatment. The need to challenge and innovate encouraged Fidia Farmaceutici to move forward to the REGENERATIVE ASPECT OF WOUND HEALING and propose a novel hyaluronic acid-based bioactive line, thereby adding a final R to T.I.M.E., to address the tissue repair/regeneration.


Advanced Therapy 

Epicure Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System, is for use in the treatment of all acute or chronic wounds and that performs “Negative Pressure Wound Therapy”, the effectiveness of which has been scientifically proven. Epicure Negative Pressure Wound Therapy system works in conjunction with the wound dressing sets and exudate collection containers we produce in line with its design, supporting a rapid healing process in the wound bed.

Antiseptic Disinfectant 

Bioxi® is a microbiocide product produced using advanced technology with the help of special devices. There are no chemicals in it. Therefore, it has a very strong and broad anti-microbial effect.

Bioxi® is an environmentally friendly high-level disinfectant. Destroys many bacteria, quickly and reliably (fungi and viruses that cause economic damage in the medical-industry-agriculture-livestock sectors).

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