What is Bioxi ®?

Bioxi® is a microbiocide product produced using advanced technology with the help of special devices. There are no chemicals in it. Therefore, it has a very strong and broad anti-microbial effect.

Bioxi® is an environmentally friendly high-level disinfectant. Destroys many bacteria, quickly and reliably (fungi and viruses that cause economic damage in the medical-industry-agriculture-livestock sectors).

Field work started in 2009. Since 2015; It has been developed for use in the fields of medicine, industry, agriculture and animal husbandry. Later, it was licensed in accordance with current regulations in 2016. It has found a wide usage area in the sector. It has been approved as a product that does not harm nature, people, animals, insects and plants.

Bioxi is capable of high-level disinfection.

Bioxi® is produced with the permission dated 21.04.2017 and numbered 2016/22. 99.999% efficiency has been proven in analyzes in accordance with the working procedures and principles of biocidal product analysis laboratories.

Bioxi yara bakım yanık tedavıisi dezenfektan


It does not contain any harmful chemicals and heavy metals. (Phenol, Aldehyde, Benzene, Phosphate, Toluene, Iodine, Ammonium9. Therefore, it is suitable for skin pH, it is not caustic.

It does not cause odor, allergy, color change and stickiness.

It starts to show its disinfectant effect in less than one minute (<1 min). Also, the disinfection and sterilization effect is at the level of 99.999%.

It has a high level disinfection effect and antiseptic feature. Therefore, bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, algae, legionella, etc. Approved as a product that can make high-level disinfectant to harmful pathogens.

Our product; is dermatologically tested. For this reason, it is non-irritate and is suitable for use on sensitive skin. Bioxi has dermatological compatibility-irritation test report, microbiological activity certificate and efficacy reports.

It is easy to use and practical. Also, it does not require rinsing after use.

Bioxi is non-flammable 

Bioxi, eliminates bad odors on surfaces.